ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course

ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course

18 Episodes

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ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course
  • Lesson 1 - What Does It Mean to Believe?

    Episode 1

    We all believe in something, actually many things.
    But how do we come to belief in anything, especially in God?
    Even in matters of faith, we use our reason to say “I believe.”
    Explore the concept of belief in this short video.

  • Lesson 2 - Science Cannot Define God

    Episode 2

    Many agnostics and atheists believe that if science cannot explain something, it does not exist.
    Science seeks to explain all things in the natural world.
    Even though God is behind all things in the natural world, he is not one of them.
    He is not a thing or a created being.
    Take a look at what sc...

  • Lesson 3 - Why Do Things Exist At All?

    Episode 3

    We live in the middle of the natural world where everything exists … for a time.
    But each thing in the world cannot explain or create its own existence.
    When we trace the cause of each thing’s existence, we get a little closer to God, the only reality that does exist without a cause.
    This short v...

  • Lesson 4 - What is God, and What is Not God?

    Episode 4

    God is a mystery but by reason, we can get closer to understanding who he is. Christians profess belief in “one God,” which raises him to our highest authority. Other attributes of God can be identified and understood by observation and reason.
    Find out how Christians describe God here.

  • Lesson 5 - Why Does God Create at All?

    Episode 5

  • Lesson 6 - All Things Visible and Invisible

    Episode 6

    The Creed states that God creates “all things visible and invisible.”
    The supernatural realm of angels and demons is invisible to us here on earth, but their actions
    often affect us in ways we don’t always recognize.
    Another “invisible” thing is the reason why evil exists. Our minds cannot compre...

  • Lesson 7 - Belief in Only One Lord

    Episode 7

    Christians say they believe in “one Lord, Jesus Christ.”
    Each of those three words – Lord, Jesus, and Christ – fulfill all the promises of the Old Testament and refer to a real person who lived just over 2,000 years ago.
    Unpack the title “Lord Jesus Christ” in this short video.

  • Lesson 8 - Resolving Questions about Jesus’ Identity

    Episode 8

    The Creed came out of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, which was convened to debate the preaching of Arius, a priest from Alexandria, who did not believe Jesus was divine.
    After much heated debate, the Council resolved the question and declared Jesus fully God and fully man.
    Gain insight into the ...

  • Lesson 9 - God Became Human So That Humans Could Become God

    Episode 9

    In the Creed, we say that Jesus came from heaven “for us men and for our salvation.”
    “Salvation” comes from a Greek word that means “healing.”
    Jesus brings the healing touch of forgiveness to all who follow him.
    But there’s more.
    By becoming human, Jesus forever divinizes our humanity, raising us...

  • Lesson 10 - Jesus Went All the Way Down into God-Forsakenness

    Episode 10

    In the ancient world, crucifixion was the most torturous, painful, and humiliating death.
    Crucifixion terrified all those under Roman rule.
    But not Jesus.
    He willingly suffered this excruciating death to prove God’s power over sin and death.
    See how we can believe in a crucified savior.

  • Lesson 11 - Nothing Makes Sense without the Resurrection

    Episode 11

    Jesus claimed he was the Messiah, the Savior.
    When he was put to death, his followers doubted that Jesus was who he said he was.
    But the Resurrection changed everything and proved Jesus right.
    Watch this video to see the power of the Resurrection.

  • Lesson 12 - God Never Gives Up on His Creation

    Episode 12

    Jesus rose bodily -- in a glorified state, but still in his human body.
    He ascended into heaven, leaving the world to go back to the spiritual realm of God the Father; however, still as fully man and fully God.
    Jesus will come again to makes all things right at the end of the world.
    Watch this vi...

  • Lesson 13 - The Holy Breath

    Episode 13

    The creative, life-giving breath of God is the Holy Spirit.
    Breathed over the water to bring the order of creation out of chaos.
    Given to prophets, anointed ones, and all of Jesus’ disciples to this day.
    Meet the Holy Spirit in this short video.

  • Lesson 14 - The Love between the Father and the Son

    Episode 14

    The third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is best described as the love between the other
    two persons – the Father and the Son.
    But they don’t keep their love within themselves.
    The Trinity sends out pure, unconditional love to all of creation, continually.
    See why you are loved with the ...

  • Lesson 15 - The Advocate Is Always Active

    Episode 15

    Jesus told his disciples he would send them an Advocate to remind them of his teaching and to guide them into all truth.
    He kept his promise and sent his Holy Spirit to them in a dramatic way on Pentecost.
    The Holy Spirit guided the early Church, and continues to guide it today to protect the dev...

  • Lesson 16 - How Can We Believe in the Church?

    Episode 16

    Up until this point, the Creed has stated the core beliefs about God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    Now we come to a statement of belief in the Church.
    If the Church is only an organization, how can we profess belief in it?
    Dig into the divine character of the Church in this shor...

  • Lesson 17 - What Do We Believe about the Church?

    Episode 17

    In the Creed, we profess belief that the Church is:


    Simple words with profound meaning.
    Explore the divine attributes of the Church here.

  • Lesson 18 - Living in God Forever

    Episode 18

    The last section of the Creed “confesses” one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins.
    It concludes with looking forward to the “resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come.”
    How does Baptism connect us with everlasting life?
    See why Christians believe love is stronger than death.