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Watch this video and more on Word on Fire Digital

ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course

Lesson 10 - Jesus Went All the Way Down into God-Forsakenness


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  • Lesson 11 - Nothing Makes Sense witho...

    Jesus claimed he was the Messiah, the Savior.
    When he was put to death, his followers doubted that Jesus was who he said he was.
    But the Resurrection changed everything and proved Jesus right.
    Watch this video to see the power of the Resurrection.

  • Lesson 12 - God Never Gives Up on His...

    Jesus rose bodily -- in a glorified state, but still in his human body.
    He ascended into heaven, leaving the world to go back to the spiritual realm of God the Father; however, still as fully man and fully God.
    Jesus will come again to makes all things right at the end of the world.
    Watch this vi...

  • Lesson 13 - The Holy Breath

    The creative, life-giving breath of God is the Holy Spirit.
    Breathed over the water to bring the order of creation out of chaos.
    Given to prophets, anointed ones, and all of Jesus’ disciples to this day.
    Meet the Holy Spirit in this short video.