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ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course

Lesson 5 - Why Does God Create at All?


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  • Lesson 6 - All Things Visible and Inv...

    The Creed states that God creates “all things visible and invisible.”
    The supernatural realm of angels and demons is invisible to us here on earth, but their actions
    often affect us in ways we don’t always recognize.
    Another “invisible” thing is the reason why evil exists. Our minds cannot compre...

  • Lesson 7 - Belief in Only One Lord

    Christians say they believe in “one Lord, Jesus Christ.”
    Each of those three words – Lord, Jesus, and Christ – fulfill all the promises of the Old Testament and refer to a real person who lived just over 2,000 years ago.
    Unpack the title “Lord Jesus Christ” in this short video.

  • Lesson 8 - Resolving Questions about ...

    The Creed came out of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, which was convened to debate the preaching of Arius, a priest from Alexandria, who did not believe Jesus was divine.
    After much heated debate, the Council resolved the question and declared Jesus fully God and fully man.
    Gain insight into the ...