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ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course

Lesson 13 - The Holy Breath


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  • Lesson 14 - The Love between the Fath...

    The third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is best described as the love between the other
    two persons – the Father and the Son.
    But they don’t keep their love within themselves.
    The Trinity sends out pure, unconditional love to all of creation, continually.
    See why you are loved with the ...

  • Lesson 15 - The Advocate Is Always Ac...

    Jesus told his disciples he would send them an Advocate to remind them of his teaching and to guide them into all truth.
    He kept his promise and sent his Holy Spirit to them in a dramatic way on Pentecost.
    The Holy Spirit guided the early Church, and continues to guide it today to protect the dev...

  • Lesson 16 - How Can We Believe in the...

    Up until this point, the Creed has stated the core beliefs about God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    Now we come to a statement of belief in the Church.
    If the Church is only an organization, how can we profess belief in it?
    Dig into the divine character of the Church in this shor...