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Watch this video and more on Word on Fire Digital

ENGAGE: The Creed Mini-Course

Lesson 1 - What Does It Mean to Believe?


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  • Lesson 2 - Science Cannot Define God

    Many agnostics and atheists believe that if science cannot explain something, it does not exist.
    Science seeks to explain all things in the natural world.
    Even though God is behind all things in the natural world, he is not one of them.
    He is not a thing or a created being.
    Take a look at what sc...

  • Lesson 3 - Why Do Things Exist At All?

    We live in the middle of the natural world where everything exists … for a time.
    But each thing in the world cannot explain or create its own existence.
    When we trace the cause of each thing’s existence, we get a little closer to God, the only reality that does exist without a cause.
    This short v...

  • Lesson 4 - What is God, and What is N...

    God is a mystery but by reason, we can get closer to understanding who he is. Christians profess belief in “one God,” which raises him to our highest authority. Other attributes of God can be identified and understood by observation and reason.
    Find out how Christians describe God here.