Catholicism Pilgrimage Journal

Catholicism Pilgrimage Journal

The CATHOLCISM Pilgrimage Journal takes middle and high school students on a virtual pilgrimage with Bishop Barron. You’ll walk through the entire CATHOLICISM series using shorter videos and written materials designed specifically for middle and high school students. Catechists, teachers, parents and grandparents can interact with participants throughout the journey to experience together what Catholics believe and why.

This program can be used by:
--Catechists who want to supplement their regular catechetical program with visually engaging and interesting material
--Facilitators in a parish setting where adults and young people are participating together
--Parents or grandparents with teens or pre-teens at home

The adult leader should prepare with material in the Catechist Manual before taking the younger audience through each part of the Pilgrimage Journal. The Catechist’s Manual contains the necessary background to adequately prepare any faithful adult to engage with a younger audience. It also contains the same questions that are in the student’s Pilgrimage Journal and also provides the answers.

The Pilgrimage Journal contains 20 lessons – two lessons for each of the ten CATHOLICISM episodes. Each lesson can be completed in about an hour with 25 minutes of video viewing and about 30 minutes of discussion. Plus, materials are available to add interest to the pilgrimage: travel posters, recipes, a list of shrines and holy places in the film locations, and Certificates of Completion for participants.

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Catholicism Pilgrimage Journal