The Last Things

The Last Things

5 Episodes

The Last Things
  • What will happen when we die?

    Episode 1

    Everyone is forced to confront the question: what happens when we die?

    Some people say “nothing”—our bodies just decompose, and we cease to exist.

    But Christians believe death is not the end. It’s followed by an afterlife, a life after this life, in which we’ll spend eternity with God, or a...

  • Does God really send people to Hell?

    Episode 2

    Hell is out of favor these days. Maybe that’s because of the rise in atheism, or the widespread belief that we are all basically good people and there is no such thing as sin.

    Yet the Catholic Church continues to affirm that Hell exists and is a real possibility for each one of us.

    But what...

  • Why Purgatory is actually a good thing...

    Episode 3

    The word “purgatory” usually makes people nervous. It suggests a dark and gloomy limbo.

    But as C.S. Lewis observed, Purgatory is simply “the washroom of Heaven.”

    It’s the place people go, after they die, if they are saved by God but not yet purified for Heaven.

    But how does Purgatory wor...

  • What can we know about angels?

    Episode 4

    Each Sunday at Mass, we say the Creed, affirming our belief in “things visible and invisible.”

    What do we mean by “invisible” things? Certainly God, souls, Heaven, and Hell.

    But also angels. Angels reside in Heaven and serve God, as we all hope to do after death.

    Watch this short video t...

  • What’s the goal of Christianity?

    Episode 5

    At the end of the day, what is religion all about anyway? What’s the goal of Christianity?

    We live, we die. Is that all there is?

    St. Paul didn’t think so. After receiving a vision of Heaven, he wrote: “Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, what God has prepared for those who love him.”