The Creed

The Creed

Recent decades have witnessed a surge of the religiously unaffiliated, especially among young people. Many former believers have simply turned their backs on Christianity and no longer accept its teachings. But what are those teachings? And are they the same as what so many people reject?

In The Creed, a new film series blending both documentary footage and dynamic talks, Bishop Robert Barron guides viewers into the depths of the Nicene Creed, a fourth-century statement of faith that has profoundly influenced both Eastern and Western spirituality, theology, and liturgy.

Explore the meaning of “belief” and whether it contradicts reason; the creative love of God the Father; the shocking mystery of his Son’s Incarnation and the great drama of his Crucifixion and Resurrection; the life-giving power of the Spiritus Sanctus, or “Holy Breath,” shared between them; and the mystical reality of the Church, which calls all of humanity out of the world of sin to receive forgiveness and participate in Christ’s divinity—not only in the next world but here and now.

The Creed will help you rediscover the great intellectual and spiritual depths of Christian doctrine and reclaim the unity, clarity, and conviction of the Christian faith.

The Creed
  • I Believe

    In the fourth century, intense deliberations over theological questions gave rise to the Nicene Creed. This formal statement of faith is the foundation for both Eastern and Western Christianity, and to this day, most Christians around the world would subscribe to it. In our age of secularism, ske...

  • God, The Father Almighty

    At five years old, Thomas Aquinas is said to have posed to his catechism teacher the question of all questions: “But master, what is God?” The Creed gives us a succinct but inexhaustible answer. The one God, unlike any other being in the cosmos, is fully actual and unconditioned.
    Furthermore, God...

  • Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son

    “I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ.” With these words of the Creed, we come to the heart of the matter, for all of distinctively Christian faith begins and ends with a particular person: Yeshua from Nazareth, the only begotten Son of the God of Israel—“Light from Light, true God from
    true God.” ...

  • He Suffered Death

    What matters most about Jesus? The Creed centers not on his ministry, his teachings, his miracles, or his words, but on the great drama of the Paschal Mystery: the Son of God’s descent into godforsakenness; his suffering, his death, his Resurrection and Ascension. The risen and
    ascended Christ, t...

  • Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life

    Following a Trinitarian structure, the Creed moves from the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit, the Spiritus Sanctus, “the holy breath.” The Spirit is not a “what” but a “who”—the same God of Israel we adore and glorify—and he is Zoopoeion (giver of life), who has spoken through the prophets....

  • One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic

    It seems altogether appropriate that we should express our faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But is it not at least questionable, even idolatrous, to be professing belief in the Church? That we do profess this in the Creed signals perhaps the most fundamental truth about
    the Myst...

  • Dios, Padre Todopoderoso

  • Jesucristo, Hijo único de Dios

  • Espíritu Santo, dador de vida

  • Una, santa, católica y apostólica

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