St. Thomas Aquinas - Individual Episode

St. Thomas Aquinas - Individual Episode

(Episode 2 from CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players)

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Theologian, used his brilliant mind and deep faith to argue that faith and reason are not at odds as they come from the same source – God. Thomas spent considerable time writing about how the Christian faith is supported by much evidence. In his masterpiece, the Summa Theologiae, he offers five ways of demonstrating the existence of God. Using reasonable arguments, Thomas confirms that faith does not have to be blind.

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St. Thomas Aquinas - Individual Episode

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  • St. Thomas Aquinas

    St. Thomas Aquinas - The Theologian

    The relationship of faith and reason is under intense scrutiny in an age beholden to the competing claims of fundamentalism and secularism. So called “new atheists” insist that the claims of religion amount to mere superstition, a retrograde holdover from a ...