St. Catherine of Siena - Individual Episode

St. Catherine of Siena - Individual Episode

(Episode 3 from CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players)

St. Catherine of Siena, the Mystic, witnessed to the existence of a dimension beyond the physical world in a particularly vivid way. At age six, she experienced the first of many visions that formed a lifelong dialogue with Christ, just as if he were on earth with her. Steeped in contemplative prayer, Catherine was fueled and directed by Christ on many missions, both to serve the poor and the sick, and also to serve the Church at the highest level by advising two popes.

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St. Catherine of Siena - Individual Episode

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  • St. Catherine of Siena

    St. Catherine of Siena - The Mystic

    Is the physical world all there is? Is science the only path to ascertaining truth? St. Catherine of Siena witnesses to a higher world beyond the material. Though the fourteenth century mystic never studied theology, and never learned how to read or write, h...