Mystery of God

Mystery of God

Atheism is on the rise. The so-called New Atheism has attracted millions of young people thanks to bestselling books such as The God Delusion and God Is Not Great. How should Christians respond? How can we turn the tide of secularism and draw people back to God?

Reaching into our rich theological tradition, and using the insights of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope Benedict XVI, you'll uncover a clear yet sophisticated understanding of what we mean by “God".

Who is God? And why does he matter? Watch this series and you'll not only learn the answers yourself, but you'll discover how to share them with others - especially those who no longer believe.

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Mystery of God
  • Atheism and What We Mean by "God"

    There are lots of views about God. Some see him as a mythical fairy in the sky, others as the Supreme Being. Some consider him a threat to our freedom. But for Christians, God is not one being among many. He's not a competitor to our flourishing. God is that than which nothing greatest can be tho...

  • St. Thomas Aquinas and the Paths to God

    In the thirteenth century, St. Thomas Aquinas composed his famous five paths to God. His proofs don't depend on the Bible or divine revelation. They simply start from the world around us—trees, birds, buildings, and even ourselves. Thomas noticed that none of these things have to exist. But if th...

  • The Divine Attributes

    Once we understand who God is, we naturally wonder, "What is he like? How does he act?" We can never fully answer those questions. Yet we can know that God is self-sufficient—he doesn't need the world but creates it out of love. God is omniscient, knowing all things. God is omnipresent, everywher...

  • Providence and the Problem of Evil

    Perhaps the most difficult question in theology is this: Why does God allow evil? If God is all-good and all-powerful, then why are our lives marked with pain and suffering? These are not abstract questions. They go right to the heart of our experience. We have each wrestled with misery, wonderin...

  • Exploring the Trinity

    Many religions and philosophies profess that "God is loving." Loving is something God does, it's one of his traits. But Christianity's strange and startling claim is that God is love. It's not what he does, it's who he is. Love always requires three things: a lover, a beloved, and the love shared...

  • The God Who Is Love

    The book of Genesis reveals that we are made in the image and likeness of God. What does this mean? For St. Augustine it affirmed that our own traits—our minds, our self-knowledge, our self-love–can tell us something about God as a Trinity. What is Christianity finally about? What is the deepest ...

  • Ateísmo y a qué nos referimos con “Dios”

  • Los caminos hacia Dios

  • Los atributos divinos

  • La providencia y el problema del mal

  • Examinando la Trinidad

  • El Dios que es amor

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