Michelangelo - Individual Episode

Michelangelo - Individual Episode

(Episode 6 from CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players)

Michelangelo, the Artist, exhibited more brilliantly than anyone else that beauty is a route of access to God.

St. Augustine often cited a verse from the Book of Wisdom: “Thou hast ordered all things in measure, number, and weight” (11:21). Michelangelo strove to embody those principles of universal harmony in his works. There’s nothing accidental or insignificant in the work of God, whether we’re talking about the physical universe at any one moment, or its history through time, or the workings of grace in the history of man. Therefore if man’s art is to reflect the work of God, it too must be made “in measure, number, and weight.”

Michelangelo - Individual Episode

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    Michelangelo - The Artist

    The master of sculpture and painting is not a saint but serves as the privileged representative of the creative potential engendered by the Catholic Faith. The Church professes that beauty is a route of access to God, and through humanity’s creative artistry we glimp...