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  • The Making of a Catholic Priest

    From his Arkansas upbringing, to his military experience, through his vocational ascent, Fr. Stephen Gadberry shares his trials, tragedy, and ultimate joy, answering Christ’s call to engage the culture and spread the Gospel message.

  • Bishop Barron: Go Back to Mass

  • The Rosary with Bishop Barron

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  • Bishop Barron Reflects on The Stations of the Cross

  • National Conference for Priests 2018

    1 season

    Want to give access to these videos to another deacon or priest? Click here: https://special.wordonfire.org/national-conference-for-priests
    I'm uplifted to join 300 of my brother priests for the inaugural Word on Fire Conference for Priests. Besides joining together in prayer, our focus is on pr...

  • Word on Fire - Ethos

  • Heroic Priesthood

    Holiness is heroism.

    Christ’s invitation to priesthood is an invitation to a way of life that is athletic in its intensity and heroic in its form.

    Discern the call.

    In this award-winning short film, produced by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries in partnership with Spirit Juice Studios, Fa...

  • Tre Ore - The Three Hours' Agony

    Movie + 10 extras

    “The Three Hours' Agony" or Tre Ore is a liturgical service held on Good Friday from noon until 3 o'clock to commemorate the Passion of Christ. Specifically, it refers to the three hours that Jesus hung on the Cross and includes a series of homilies on the seven last words spoken by Christ. Bisho...

  • Bishop Barron on The Lord's Prayer

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