For Younger Audiences

  • Bishop Barron Kids Q&A 2

  • Bishop Barron Kids Q&A 1

  • Bishop Barron Kids Q&A 3

  • Catholicism - Pilgrim Journal

    1 season

    The CATHOLCISM Pilgrimage Journal takes middle and high school students on a virtual pilgrimage with Bishop Barron. You’ll walk through the entire CATHOLICISM series using shorter videos and written materials designed specifically for middle and high school students. Catechists, teachers, paren...

  • CATHOLICISM: School Enrichment

    6 seasons

    Engage middle and high school students more deeply and interactively with CATHOLICISM School Enrichment. Bring students around the world and deep into the Faith with Bishop Barron, a trusted source of authentic Church teaching whom Cardinal Francis George has called “one of the Church's best mes...