ENGAGE: Catholicism 101

  • Episode 1 - Triune God

    “I believe in God” is a loaded statement that links you to the Creator of all things. Unpack who the Triune God is with this short video by Fr. Stephen Gadberry.

  • Episode 2 - Creation and Man

    He sees us all as his “good” creation and loves each one of us unconditionally. Learn more in this short video by Rachel Bulman.

  • Episode 3 - The Fall

    Sin begins with a choice to move away from God and his purposes.
    Though our human nature is fallen, God has provided the Way to make all things new.
    Take a brief look at sin and salvation with Rachel Bulman.

  • Episode 4 - Salvation History

    Throughout human history, God has made promises to take care of his people, beginning with the people of Israel. These promises are called “covenants” and require faith in God and active response. Jesus instituted the last and most perfect covenant, offering eternal friendship with God to all peo...

  • Episode 5 - Incarnation

    God became a baby and was born in Bethlehem as Jesus of Nazareth.
    Christians call this extraordinary sequence of events the Incarnation.
    Gain insight here into God’s grandest act of love with Sr. Josephine Garrett.