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Watch this video and more on Word on Fire Digital

Episode 11 - Baptism and Confirmation

ENGAGE: Catholicism 101 • 8m 28s

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  • Episode 12 - The Mass

    In the Mass, Jesus gives himself to us to consume, so we may become like him.
    Jesus transforms ordinary things—bread and wine—into his Body and Blood when the priest says the words from the Last Supper: “This is my body” and “This is my blood.”
    See how we can become part of God in this video with...

  • Episode 13 - Healing

    Catholics believe that God forgives, and God heals.
    In the Church, we are made well through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick, which were established by Jesus himself.
    In this short video, learn how to find healing through the Church with Joe Gloor.

  • Episode 14 - Marriage & Ordination

    Married people have a particular role to play in displaying God’s love.
    So do deacons, priests, and bishops.
    God loves us and calls us to love him.
    Watch this video to see how these unique vows showcase God’s love with Jonathan Roumie.